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I think they should add outputs  to the screen which are the X and Y of your mouse on the screen

I know how to use the screen


X bit 1

X bit 2

X bit 3

X bit 4

Y bit 1

Y bit 2

Y bit 3




Set pixel

Clear screen

why is there no buses

Hello! It's fan made game. There is no busses. Busses are in original version made by Sebastian. Link for original project

for some reason or gate do not work and i cant even connect to wires to one output it breaks my whole system

please help

I opened a chip and all my stuff in it was either gone or not connected

Have you found a fix for that? I also have this Problem

No, I have not found a fix saddly :(


How to fix this And can I please speak Russian?

I understand only Ukrainian and English, no russian

How to fix a large menu?

DLS2 no longer supported by Lime Inc. Sorry. You can check out GitHub if you want to make your changes or join our discord and ask if someone have this same bug.


how do i use this part

Hello, everyone! We are back, and with a new game,Multi Merge! Check out the game on right now and join our Multi Merge Discord server! The game might not be in the best state right now but it will be soon! The game also has modding support so you can modify the game as you wish too! As you may have realised, we have taken a different direction and path. We will no longer be updating Digital Logic Sim 2, and we may not make any games like it either. We are sorry if your disappointed but we hope you understand. The game is quite simple but we promise that this is not what we have been working on for about a year. Here are the links -

I CANT SEE THE WHOLE WINDOW HOW BIG DO YO THINK MY SCREEN IS. (I can only see like the top half of the screen when I turn it on and cant change it. )

Solved it had the whats new thing in front of the settings button and I couldn't press close. I just spammed settings before the window appeared. 

ples fix gost in and out

a lot of bugs on mac. sometimes things wont even delete or work


The android version doesn't get updated anymore nor will it ever get update probably.


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How do I delete and edit chips? It only lets me open and look at chips I've created when I press the "Edit Chip" button.

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How do I make buses?

There is no buses in this version. Play the new original version to get the buses and other stuff. Besides. we won't update the game anymore

How can i save a project on android?

This Did not work. I downloaded it, installed it, and there were no errors but it crashes as soon as I open it. I am on mac btw and my computer is old.

Dead Game

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The screen chip (7-segment display) does not work as an output of a chip, i.e you need to make a chip to output all 7 inputs and plug those into a seven segment display. But if you try and include the seven segment display as the output of a chip, the chip wont actually have any output when using it. (if you need some more clarification just ask)


When I tried to launch the game, it only said it was damaged and couldn't be opened.

I'm running the mac version (v1.5).


My version of the seven segment driver. 👍


Oh yeah no, nothing off here !


I was wondering if there is any way to get rid of ghost in/outputs (without deleting the project). I've got some on my backup project so it is not that bad but still.


Ghost Input Output/Phantom Input Output Bug is a very common bug.

There is a way to fix it but to help you get rid of it, we need more information on what you did that you think caused the ghost/phantom pins to appear. It could be caused by many reasons such as Deleting a Chip that is used in other chips.

I may or may not have been potentially messing around w/ files...


When I run the program, it is oversized and can't fit in my monitor.

can you add a resize option?

There are resize option in settings

I have found them. Thanks

I got the same issue but I cant see settings. 

Solved it had the whats new thing in front of the settings button and I couldn't press close. I just spammed settings before the window appeared. 

How does the screen chip work?

The first 4 pins are the X coordinate of the pixel (LSD to MSD) and the next 3 are the Y coordinate. (also LSD to MSD).
X goes from left to right, and Y goes from bottom to top.
Then, the next three pins are for the color, in the order red, green, then blue. The next pin writes that pixel to the screen, and the last pin clears it to all white.

Of course I forgot about alt+mouse over

is there a way to edit a chip that has already been made?

what does the key chip do?

It outputs the key that you're pressing in ASCII.

oh ok

So... I've heard Digital Logic Sim (1) is soon getting a massive update...


Yes, that is a bit of a problem for us.

Hi! Can you update discord invite link?

New Discord Link:

Hey! Is there a way to rearrange the chips along the bottom? I would love to organize them in a way that makes sense to me!


Sadly, You can't rearrange the Chips in the bottom bar. However, There is a way to do it by going to your Project Folder which is located at %appdata%>LocalLow>Digital_Logic_Sim_Sebastian_Lime_inc>Project. Then you have to select the chip you want to relocate and open it then, change the "creation_index": to anything you want.



hey im haveing a problem where i will save a chip but then it doesnt work when i drag it in and when i go to edit it all the wires are missing any idea why?

The problem is already fixed, new update will be soon


Hi there! I encountered the same problem, could you say where will approximately it will come? Thanks!


The same for me. Looking forward the new build. Hopefully soon :-)


The Update will be released Roughly around December 1 to 3. Join our discord server to be notified about these.

i'd love to see a feature added where it'd be possible to moves chips around to organize the


isnt this sebastion lagues digital logic sim? im guessing you used the open sources and upgraded on it?


Yes, it is. The original version was abandoned, so we are using open-source and upgrading it.

Yeah, i got it. Well, thank you for helping upgrading it!

You are welcome!

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Hi! so far this game is awesome for me! It really help me understand digital logic better than ever. I played the original and was thankfull that you continued developing this game also found some bugs, 2 to be accurate. The First one is that when i close the game and the start it again i the backround color resets to the default bg color. The second is that sometimes when i instert a chip into the workspace i must press the delete button on my keyboard before i instert another chip into the workspace otherwise it wont allow me to take the chip from the tab down there, also i got a reqest can you inputs and outputs to the bottom and top of the chip? Thanks for continuing this game i hope it will become bigger in the future!

Some Technical Info about my computer (if its needed to fix the bugs)

OS: Windows 10 Pro

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200   3.10 GHz

GPU: Nvidia GTX 660

Hello, thank you for your feedback. The problem with the background color is already fixed, we will update it soon on itch. Also, the suggestion about placing pins on top and bottom is popular, so we will try to implement it in the future.

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also i noticed that when the adding a group of pins it dosen't show the currently inputed value, but it works perfectly on the output side, is that intended?

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Hi there! So far i'm loving this game, but I have a few problems and bugs that I found. You may know of some of these already but I wanted to make sure you are made aware in case these are new bugs.


1. when you try to edit a chip all the wires disappear, and you have to reconnect them again. the inputs and outputs that were grouped become individual, and unnamed. The same thing happens when I leave and re-enter the workspace.

2. when zoomed out, you cant select wires properly. I'm not really sure how to explain this, but it seems as if the game thinks your mouse is in a different position. 

3. When zooming, the chips simply get bigger or smaller rather than moving farther away and staying at the same relative position to the workspace. I'm not sure if this is an intended feature or not, but i thought i should mention it.


1. Copying and pasting chips, or groups of chips. Potentially with connections too.

2. Connecting one wire to multiple chips with one click, rather than connecting them all individually.

3. Some kind of toggleable grid system to make aligning chips and wires much easier.

4. Adding inputs to the top and bottom of the chips/workspace. This would allow for cleaner wiring, and more compact and advanced creations.

Also I should probably mention in case this is a platform issue, I am using a mac.

Problem with edit chips already fixed, it will be uploaded on itch soon. And I liked your idea about grid

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago


The problem with Edit Chips has been fixed and you just have to wait for the next update now. The wire issue is probably caused because of how the collider for wires work. Copying and Pasting chips is a pretty unknown feature it's already in the game you can Copy, Paste groups of chips. They won't retain the connections but that may be added in a future update. The idea of having a grid system and Inputs at the top or bottom of the chips or workspace is very nice

Thanks for playing Digital Logic Sim 2. We appreciate your support!

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how do u transfer game saves over when i drag the save file over only some chips show up

hi I am Walber... i will be honest whith you... your project is AMAZING... but I need to tell you some details... in bigs projects I need more space_work. So If you can create an interactive space_work, (like a map than yu can expand if you scroll it) I apreciate so much... Thanks for your program.

Besitos en el pito (>w<)... Walber


The expansion of the Workspace is one of the most or if not the most needed and requested feature. You can zoom in and out but it does have some small issues such as Hit boxes not changing sizes correctly but we will fix it soon. We hope to be able to deliver this requested feature as soon as possible and maybe before version 2.0.

Thanks for playing Digital Logic Sim 2, We appreciate your support!

This is an excellent program, and really helps me to understand how the logic gates combine to form more complicated structures.  I love it!

The videos show a display number showing the digital equivalent of the binary values. How do I add that to my simulation?

Hover on IO bar and press + or -

When I did that, I discovered the ability to add multiple inputs at the same time that are all clearly linked together. However, I still don't get the display of the associated binary value.

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DGL2 is very cool! althought there are many quite major bugs like the phantom node which appears on the left and you can turn it on and off but even if you connect it to something it the wire and gate input will both stay off and you cant move it,delete it or name it. the only way i found out to get rid of them is to exit and enter the project again so you thankfully dont have to restart the game but i also noticed that weird gates i didnt make appear, they dont have any inputs/outputs, name or antyhing they are just black thin rectangles and deleting it make 3 more so if i delete 1 there are now 3 but reentering the project resets it back to 1 and releoding the chip deletes it entirely sometimes so its behaviour is quite random

Ok, first is a phantom pin, it is fixed already, second "blank chip" is a saved workspace, we will make it invisible)

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